Whitney Porter

Admittedly one of the smartest things she’s ever done, Whitney is forever in debt to her cousin who introduced her to the Fit4Mom tribe. And after two years of taking Body Back, Whitney had to get in on the fun and earned her certification in 2017.

Things you should know about Whitney:

- Hugs are not on the table. Ever. Don't even ask.

- Crosswords keep her sharp.

- Podcasts are her specialty. An HRBT commute keeps this skill fresh.

- Sour Patch Kids are life.

- Her glasses are her best feature.

- When she's not bossing (I mean, helping) people, she's running, online buying (who has time to shop!?), eating or squeezing her two best decisions ever ( John and Piper)

Things you (probably) don't know about Whitney:

- She's not bossy...she's in control.

- She can eat her weight in pickles.

- Dad jokes are her specialty - even though she's a mom. "They" are actually thinking about renaming them to Mom jokes because her delivery is so on point.

- She once camped for a week to get her Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification. The skills have lapsed so if you are ever in a life-or-death situation, she will at least tell you a good joke before you bleed out.

- Things she never leaves home without - water bottle, nail file, keys and a brow pencil. Priorities.

- Eggplant is disgusting. Not a Whitney fact, just a fact.

Saturday – December 22, 2018